Sat, 12 July from 12h to 19h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 17h

We have told stories through all times. Tales fascinated children in the Middle Ages, and they won’t cease to do so also now. Tales contain truth and fantasy, emotions and morals. This year, the Children’s Town of Tartu Hanseatic Days is looking for different stories. Many longer and shorter stories are hidden in Children’s Town that invite children to listen, watch, play along and experience.

Lotte, the great friend of all children helps to connect the contemporary and the fairy-tale world. In Children’s Town, Lotte finds a lot of friends who make a good company with whom to move along the courtyard of the castle. Lotte accompanies kids through all the workshops. Like in all courtyards of castles, also in Children’s Town you can meet musicians from Tartu and elsewhere. You can also sit on the grass, have a rest and enjoy the activities as a spectator. In addition to that, jester Vedru who wanders in Children’s Town and makes nice balloon animals for the kids.

And of course, many bigger and smaller artists perform on the stage in Children’s Town.



Children’s Town of Tartu Hanseatic Days invited little artists to participate in the fairy-tale themed art exhibition “Courageous Knight”. All groups of Tartu kindergartens were asked to send their illustrations to the fairy-tale “Courageous Knight”. Whereby, children knew the beginning of the story and were asked to draw an ending to the tale. The art exhibition consists of drawings sent from nine kindergartens of Tartu and decorates Children’s Town during the Hanseatic Days.




Sat–Sun, 12–13 July


The activities in the workshops begin at full hour! Please follow the schedule of each workshop individually, because some chambers offer more than one activity!

There are different chambers and nests in Children’s Town where you can discover and learn new things, but also rest and relax in their various workshops. Some instructors here are children who have learnt something creative and now wish to pass on their knowledge to other kids.

In some workshops there is an admission fee of 1 € or 2 €, some are free of charge. If the workshop is full, you can sign up for the next session. Parents are responsible for their children in the workshops of Children’s Town!


The Camber of the Private Hobby School Omanäoline

Sat, 12 July from 13h to 19h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 16h
In The Chamber of the Private Hobby School Omanäoline (Unique) you can try out painting with coal and on stones, and make jewellery exactly how you wish. The main purpose of the chamber is being unique. Every one of us does things in a different way and this is what makes us all unique and special!

Let’s create a more colourful and exciting world together!


The Chamber of Anne Youth Centre

Sat, 12 July from 13h to 17h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to16h
The instructors of Anne Youth Centre together with the youngsters from student malev teach children and the youth to make things on their own and show what you can do with a self-made hand bow. In addition to that, you can play skills games.


The Chamber of Õnnemaa

Sat, 12 July from 13h to 19h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 16h
The visitor of the Chamber of Õnnemaa (Land of Happiness) can learn how to make tapers, twine bands and rag dolls. In addition to the self-made memento you take along the feeling of happiness and the experience of being a craftsman.


The Chamber of the ensemble Aroonia

Sat, 12 July from 13h30 to18h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 16h
Young musicians from the ensemble Aroonia teach and help all the participants in making both practical and fairy-tale headwear that suit to boys and girls. You can join the workshop throughout the whole day.


The Flower Garden of Sleeping Beauty

Sat, 12 July from 13h to 19h (break from 16h to 17h)
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 16h
In the Flower Garden of Sleeping Beauty you can enjoy the beauty of roses and doll children. With the help of fairies and kids, the nature-friendly hand-made dolls come to life to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty (for the age 3+). In the magical garden you can turn into a fairy yourself (handcrafting of a magic wand for the age 3+) or adorn yourself to look like Sleeping Beauty (handcrafting of a fabric rose for the age 7+).

Fee: 1 €


The Chamber of Metsapere Games

Sat, 12 July at 13h to 19h
Sun, 13 July at 12h to 16h
Metsapere Mängumaa (The Land of Games of the Forest Family) offers their visitors a lot of joy and movement. Mothers and little kids have the possibility to relax in the Fairy Tent. Meanwhile, older kids can craft animals out of cones and create beautiful pictures of plants. In the Fairy Tent you can sing, dance, listen to nursery rhymes and fairy-tales or watch plays. There are two age groups in the Fairy Tent: babies aged 3–12 months and kids aged 1–2.5 years.


The Nest of Folklore Games

Sat, 12 July at 16h and at 18h
Sun, 13 July from 14h to 16h
In the Nest of Folklore Games you can play different folk games.


The Chamber of the Role Play Centre Nurg

Sat, 12 July from 12h to 19h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 16h
Do you remember the saying “Under the ground in a hole lives the hobbit.”? Now the saying has turned into “On the ground in the Nurg lives the hobbit.”. After leaving the Varjend Urg changed its name into Nurg and also its location. We still operate in the same fields – we are open to great people, play board games, and tell people who or what are role game players. Now we also practice playing Magic the Gathering (MTG).


The Nest of Zither Playing

Sun, 13 July at 13h and at 15h
The Students of Võru Creativity School teach the fundamental knowledge you need to know to start playing the zither. The visitors can also try out the zither strings!


Stories of Glass Beads

Sat, 12 July from 14h to 18h (break from 16h to 17h)
Creativity coach and inclusion practitioner Kati Orav, whose biggest passion is to create positive change, enthuse people and start important conversations, carries out the workshop. She uses creative methods like visualising, telling stories, creative writing and story cubes in her work.

Children can participate in composing the stories in the following workshops:
● Telling a story via visualising, i.e. visual thinking
● Story cubes – developing children’s creativity

Fee: 1 €


Nest of Lullabies

Sat–Sun, 12–13 July at 13h and at 14h
This Nest is for mommies who have sent daddies and older kids to have fun on the court of the castle and wish their smallest kid to fall asleep to soothing music. You can learn old lullabies and nursery rhymes with folkloristic motifs with Minni Oras.