Thrilling activities take place and great sites are open during Tartu Hanseatic Days all over Tartu!


Sat, 12 July from 12h to 20h
Sun, 13 July from 12h to 17h
The Barge Village of the Hanseatic Days is located in the Barge House by the Emajõgi and offers activities for the whole family. Here you can join barge trips and cruises on the Emajõgi, observe the construction of the new big barge, craft models of barges, twirl ropes and burn tar, and also enjoy concerts and the hold theatre. There are also playgrounds and a beach next to the Barge Village, where you can refresh yourself on a warm summer day, also play and build sand castles.

You can get to the Barge Village by boat or by walking along the riverbank (approx. 20 min).




Fri–Sat, 11–12 July from 10h to 19h
The viewing platform is located next to the church bells high in the tower of St. John’s Church and offers a wonderful view on the whole Tartu. The aerial perspective includes the old town, Toome Hill, Supilinn, the Emajõgi and a lot more.

The church tower is open to the visitors during the opening hours of St. John’s Church, during summertime Mon–Sat from 10h to 19h.

2 € – grown ups
1.50 € – pupils, students, seniors
Children under the age 7 – free of charge!




Sat, 12 July from 11h to 20h
Sun, 13 July from 11h to 18h

Olde Hansa is a place in Tallinn where authentic medieval life is lived. There is a medieval restaurant, a clobber shop and a genuine 15th century tavern.

It is an extraordinary place near the Town Hall Square in the Old Market, where you feel as if you have been taken on a journey through time. All the people in the house wear Hanseatic clothes and even their talk and manners are authentic. Only candles burn for lighting, the walls are covered with mural painting and the furniture is carved out of wood. The dainties and beverages are made after the recipes from the 15th century and each one of them assures you a delight. Also the dishes and other goods are authentic and every guest can purchase them to their household.

During the Hanseatic Era, Tallinn was called Reval and Tartu was called Dorpat. The two towns had an intensive interaction and trading. For that reason, Olde Hansa leaves their duties in Reval and takes a journey to visit Dorpat to make the best of what they have to offer and setting up a medieval village. They bring along sweet almonds, distinguished handicraft, e.g. glasses, ceramics, leather bags and belts, and also spices, clothes of the 15th century and special soaps. Tavern ladies set up a pot and cook their famous elk soup and bake spelt bread.

Welcome to Olde Hansa Village!




Fri–Sun, 11–13 July
All the cruises depart from the jetty of the Harbour Theatre (Soola 5) and require reservation (on the homepage of Seto Line, via e-mail or over the phone +372 524 7153).


Fri, 11 July
M/l Alfa at 13h and 15h
M/l Alfa at 19h – Cruise with Hanseatic music and food
Sat, 12 July
M/l Alfa at 10h – Cruise on the route Tartu-Piirissaare-Tartu
Sun, 13 July
M/l Alfa at 13h, 15h and 17h

Routes and descriptions:
M/l Alfa
The one and a half hour long cruise takes you downriver of the Emajõgi. We outsail the harbours of Tartu – boat harbours of Soola St., Jõe and Rebase, also the former harbour of Tartu in Ropka where you can still see some anchored ships (e.g. the haunted ship Vanemuine). Ahead you can see Tartu prison, we outsail the construction of the new bridge and head for the clear watered Kabina strip mine where we turn around and head back to Tartu. The cruises start and end at the jetty of the Harbour Theatre.

Price list:
7 € – adult
6 € – student/pensioner
5 € – children
17 € – family ticket

M/l Alfa – Cruise with Hanseatic music and food (25 €/person)
What could be better than a tender summer evening enjoying good food and music with your companions? The two hours long cruise on the Emajõgi is filled with Hanseatic snacks and drinks, all this accompanied with beautiful music. The price includes the two hours long cruise, musical programme, snacks and a greeting drink.

M/l Alfa – Tartu-Piirissaare-Tartu (30 €/person)
We depart from Tartu in the morning and head to Piirissaare, which is the only inhabited island in Lake Peipus. The inhabitants of the island have tried to preserve their culture and way of life, whereas their main activities have been fishing and growing onions. The architectural style specific to Old Believers is still extant in Piirissaare settlement. During the cruise you can participate in handicraft workshops and also an open air café is open.

The cruise to Piirissaare takes four hours and the voyagers have two hours to look around on the spot. Approx. return is at 20h.




Sat–Sun, 12–13 July at 11h and 15h

Starting point in front of the Tartu Information Centre

On a tour with the tour guides of Tartu you can listen to interesting facts and stories about different places in Tartu. Of course, the tour guides talk about the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League and everything associated with that era.

Educating and entertaining guided tours (1.5 h) start next to the Town Hall, in front of the Tartu Information Centre.

Schedule of the tours:

Sat, 12 July
11h – Tour in the Hanseatic atmosphere (EST)
11h – Hanseatic city Tartu (RUS)
15h – Hanseatic city Tartu (FIN)
15h – Toome Hill from far and near (EST)
15h – Hanseatic city Tartu (ENG)

Sun, 13 July
11h – Hanseatic city Tartu (FIN)
11h – Hanseatic city Tartu (GER)
11h – Hanseatic city Tartu (ENG)
15h – Tour in the Hanseatic atmosphere (EST)

Price list:

Tour in Estonian – 2 €,
Group ticket (up to 4 people) – 5 €
Children under the age of 10 – for free
Tour in foreign language – 5 €