On the cosy St. Anthony’s Courtyard Stage, located in St. John’s Town, different artists perform, offering musical delights for various tastes. This year St. John’s Town invites the visitors to discover different courtyards. It is also the town of handicraft and workshops where you can learn about medieval and modern techniques both in theory and practice. Here you can also be a part of the Epochal Jamboree – keep your eyes open and sharpen your ears at all hours, because any moment and anywhere dancing and singing might begin.


Handicraft Area and Workshops

(Around St. John’s Church)

For two summer days, 11–12 July craftsmen who have brought along their best pieces and skills settle the streets of St. John’s Town. Spinning wheels spin and handlooms crump! Make your own rosary or maybe you still have not tried textile printing? If you wish to adorn yourself with a temporary henna tattoo, there is also an opportunity for that. Did you know that bone is material, which can be used for making beautiful jewellery and daily objects? Seeing is believing – now you have the chance!

The crafters of the Hanseatic Coin from Lithuania craft a nice keepsake by your request.



Courtyards in St. John’s Town

Sat, 12 July from 11h to 18h
Sun, 13 July from 11h to 17h

In the courtyards of St. John’s Town different museums, artists, craftsmen and representatives of different professions and fields offer a lot to discover and many delights to different senses. In the workshops, which take place in the courtyards, all visitors can try out different activities and procedures.


The Courtyard of Improvisational Theatres (Court of Theatre House (Lutsu 2))

Improvisational theatre is a beloved form of theatre all over the world where all the activities are improvised. This means that everything is generated and created here and now, nothing is previously agreed on – the text has not been learnt by heart and the acted play has not been thought up. In order to learn improvising one does not have to be interested in acting and in the Court of Improvisational Theatres there are neither bad actors nor right and wrong answers.

Laughter and good mood is guaranteed here! On both days, you can visit workshops and enjoy the plays of two improvisational theatres.


The Courtyard of Sweets (Court of Tartu Toy Museum (Lutsu 8))

During Tartu Hanseatic Days also the court of Tartu Toy Museum is open to all visitors of the festival. This year the Courtyard of Sweets is located here. Everybody who loves sweets and is interested in preparing them should make a stop here.

Two sisters, Kadri Karu and Triinu Guerrin – the chefs of Võro/French fusion cuisine – greet the visitors in the Court of Sweets.

Sisters Kadri + Triin = PIIRI KITCHEN
– Old-time food from diverse worlds

Marzipan and madeleines,
galettes and crêpes,
Sugar pretzels and candied fruit,
Balls of buckwheat and truffles of hemp.

If you have the wish to discover and have a blast,
Finding out which sweets were eaten in the past,
Then find yourself in the Court of Sweets,
Where all these goodies your eyes can meet.


The Courtyard of Chimney Sweepers and Oven Builders (Great Court of Uppsala (Jaani 7))

Where to find a competent oven builder? What should you know when building an oven? How often should you call for a chimney sweeper? What kind of an oven is a good one? Why is wood heating actual these days?

You can find answers to all these questions and more in the Courtyard of Chimney Sweepers and Oven Builders during Tartu Hanseatic Days! You can make a good fortune button with a chimney sweeper and try out the work of an oven builder. Also, a workshop of oven modelling is open.


The Courtyard of Design (Court of the 19th Century Tartu Citizen’s Home Museum (Jaani 16))

In the Courtyard of Design you can meet the designers who are active in Tartu, but also designers from all over Estonia. The Courtyard of Design is without doubt a site worth visiting – it is filled with pleasure for the eye, exciting solutions, and many lovely Estonian designers who wish to introduce their activities to a wider audience. If you are charmed by some of the pieces presented here, it is possible to purchase them. In the Courtyard of Design you have the chance to see the designs of Piret Mildeberg, Anna Lutter, Manni Kunst OÜ, R Bears, Maria, Lember Design OÜ, Hedviga Vei, etc.

In addition, there is a herbal garden in the Courtyard of Design, where you can find herbs like hyssop, sage and bladder seed, as well as beautiful flowers, amongst others the favourite flower of Goethe. Come and have a look!


The Courtyard of Art (Small Court of Tampere House (Jaani 4))

During the Hanseatic Days the nice court of Tampere House is filled with art and artists. In the Courtyard of Art you can observe the folks from different art schools of Tartu in action. The artists representing different styles and techniques join forces to create a collective piece of art. Enthusiasts can also participate in the activities!


The Courtyard of Paper Museum, Postal Museum and Printing Museum (Court of Estonian Sports Museum (Rüütli 15))

How is paper made? How does an old-time printing machine work? How does a drop of ink become a letter? Come, have a look and try all that out yourself!

In the court of Estonian Sports Museum, Paper Museum, Postal Museum and Printing Museum offer the joy of discovering new things and trying out handicraft skills.


The Courtyard of Ceramics (Court of Ceramics Gallery (Jaani 18))

During the Middle Ages the ceramists were highly valued men to whom everyone had to pay a visit once in a while. Clay work required a lot of skills and experience, which is why oven builders, bricklayers and ceramists were well respected.

In the extraordinarily cosy courtyard of the Ceramics Gallery you can see good examples by Estonian ceramists. Also the ceramists from the Estonian Academy of Arts bring along the beauty of their work. Different styles, materials and techniques of firing – you have the chance to get acquainted to all these different possibilities of ceramics. Here you can get your kicks as an apprentice or a journeyman, and observe the craftsman work on the kick wheel!


Global Village Street (Park of the Postimees and on Gildi St.)

AIESEC’s Global Village is an event where the visitors can directly and cheerfully meet different cultures from all over the world. During the weekend volunteers from Mexico to China introduce their countries. Everyone is welcome to participate in various workshops and enjoy exciting performances. The event is organized by AIESEC in cooperation with Lux Express.