Tartu Hanseatic Days, held on 11th–13th July and called Epochal Jamboree, are organized by a new and youthful team who can be seen rolling around on bicycles in Tartu.

“Hanseatic Days will bring playfulness, freshness and thrill to the streets of Tartu. Our youthful and active team is aleady working on putting together diverse programs and arranging the ideas of different enthralling activities,” said Jaanus Tepomees, project leader of the Hanseatic Days.

The team of Tartu Hanseatic Days supports healthy lifestyle and encourages all the people in Tartu to also live a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by the idea of Liikumisaasta (Year of Moving) and with the support of Hawaii Express, the young team will be riding bicycles on the streets of Tartu during the period prior to the festival.

Tartu Hanseatic Days, called Epochal Jamboree, is a family festival that will build a bridge between the Hanseatic era and the modern day. Curious, playful and acquisitive visitors of all ages, who also wish to enjoy interesting programs and artists, are welcome to the festival.

The 19th city festivities, dedicated to the Hanseatic Era will be held on 11th–13th July in Tartu. This year, Jaani Town, Toome Stage, Science Town, Iron Town and Children’s Town are open for visiting. As always, the plentiful Hansamarket is open.

Tartu Hanseatic Days are organized by Tartu Music Festival Foundation with the support of Tartu city and other supporters.